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You can buy print and ebook editions of our books directly from this website. To purchase, just click the Buy button. Only books that are currently in stock are available to purchase. Please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions.

To view new releases and featured titles, browse our home page collections and category pages.

Shipping times

All customers will receive an Australia Post tracking number for print orders.

Website orders dispatch from Metro NSW within 1-2 days. Australia Post delivery times apply.

International orders go by Australia Post or DHL, depending on the weight of the package, and may take up to a month to arrive.

International orders of high-unit quantities may incur manual delays and additional freight charges.

Please contact Alliance Distribution Services at for any queries regarding lost or late print orders.

Ebooks can be downloaded immediately. All of our ebooks are available in Australia. Availability in other countries will depend on sales rights.

If you have a query about ebook availability in your country, contact

Corporate sales

If you have an inquiry about corporate sales, please contact our Corporate Sales Manager at


If you have a misprinted or faulty book, please email photos of the faulty pages along with the copyright page to so we can investigate further.

If there’s a problem with your ebook, please contact

For queries regarding refunds, please contact

Out of print titles

When a title goes out of print, it is no longer available to purchase from us.

Out-of-print editions can often be found at second-hand bookstores or via online resellers.



We aim to publish all our titles as ebooks and audiobooks, but sometimes we’re unable to do so. If a title is not available in ebook or audiobook, there are a number of reasons why this might be:

  • The author has not given us permission to publish their book electronically.
  • The title contains numerous illustrations, quotes or graphics, all of which require specific legal clearance for electronic use or are not suitable to be adapted for the audiobook format.
  • Technical difficulties or production scheduling have briefly delayed the release of a title as an ebook or an audiobook.
  • The title was published before 2006 and is still being considered for ebook publication under our backlist digitisation program.

If you want to know whether a title is available as an ebook or audiobook, just search for the title on our website to view all available formats. If an ebook or audiobook format is not listed, it is not available. Please contact us if you have a query about a particular title.

Ebooks and audiobooks purchased from us can be read or listened directly within the free Glassboxx app (iOS and Android) or Glassboxx browser (any device with browser capability).

We publish in the industry standard EPUB format, so an ebook purchased directly from us can be read on iPad, Kobo, Sony and Android devices. You can also read our ebooks on a computer (PC or Mac). You cannot read ebooks purchased directly from us on Kindle readers due to Amazon’s proprietary DRM. To read our ebooks on a Kindle, please purchase the title from Amazon.

Illustrated fixed layout ebooks can be purchased via the Other Retailers links on our book pages, or direct from iBooks, Google Play or Kobo.

For more about buying and downloading ebooks from our website, see our ebook help.

Submissions to Pan Macmillan

We are currently only accepting submissions via our submissions page.

We are extremely selective in accepting manuscripts for publication, so only works of the highest level of originality and market appeal can be considered. We do not accept submissions for short story collections, poetry or children’s picture books.

For more details, visit our Submissions page.

Published or aspiring writers might also like to visit the Australian Society of Authors website.

Careers with Pan Macmillan

Career opportunities will be advertised via our website or in the Weekly Book Newsletter.

Rights and piracy

To help combat piracy and to protect our authors’ work, we’ve instituted a global anti-piracy strategy.

If you see one of our books being pirated in an electronic, audio or print format, you can report it to us.

Our ebooks are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). Digital Rights Management is a form of copyright protection, which limits the number of devices they can be read on and applies copy and print restrictions.

Reading group, teachers’ notes and extracts

Additional resources, such as reading group notes, teaching group notes and extracts, are available for some titles. These can be downloaded from the relevant book pages.

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